October 2021

Forex Investing for Dummies

The foreign exchange market is among the most active markets globally, with an average daily trade volume of over 6 trillion dollars. As a newbie trader, there are some things that you need to be conversant with. That way, you will make the most of your trading experience and have a successful one at that.

What is Forex selling and buying?

Selling and buying in Forex is speculating a downward or upward currency pair movement, hoping to make a profit. Forex trading is always about buying a currency and then selling another. This is the reason why you’ll notice that that currency always comes paired. As such, if there’s an expected base currency strengthening against its quote currency, you buy.

There are factors that determine when you should sell or buy Forex, for example, your trading strategy and marketing commence time. Generally, it is best to sell and buy when the foreign exchange market is most active. It is in this busy time that volatility and liquidity are high.

For example, the Forex market in the UK is busiest at 8 AM, just after the London session is opened. At 10 AM, trading is less liquid. It will again pick up at noon UK time, which is when American markets commence trading.

Is it possible to sell without buying in Forex trading? 

It is possible to sell without buying. This is what is known as going short or short-selling. It means that you want to sell because you believe that that currency’s price is going to fall. In essence, when there’s a fall in price, you will most likely make a profit.

How you can sell and buy currency pairs

Here are some ways on how you can sell and buy currency pairs:

  • Determine how you want to trade: There are basically two ways to go about it: via a broker or spot Forex.
  • Understand the workings of the Forex market: Understand the networks used to sell and buy Forex. Also, learn about over-the-counter markets.
  • Open trading accounts: Find a suitable platform to open your trading account with. You should try out the demo version first before making any permanent commitments.
  • Create your trading plan: This is great for giving your structure for when you close and open positions.
  • Choose a trading platform: Find a customizable platform to fit your trading needs, preference and style. For example, go for one that has risk management tools, interactive charts, and personalized alerts, etc.
  • Open a position: This is when you get to choose if you will sell or buy.

Trading strategies to consider

There are three popular Forex trading strategies you should know of:

Trend trading

This basically involves the use of technical indicators like RSI (Relative Strength Index) and moving averages. Simply put, they’ll help you to tell if the market is in a bullish (uptrend), bearish (downtrend), or sideways trend. It is also used as a long-term or mid-term trading strategy.

Trend reversal

This is when there is a currency pair’s price movement turnaround. It can happen when a bearish trend turns bullish and vice versa. Here, you can also use technical indicators like a stochastic oscillator in determining if the pair is in oversold or overbought territory.

Managing Risks when trading the FX market

Here are some steps that will help you manage risks effectively when trading the Forex market:

  1. Make sure you have learned as much as you can about Forex trading and the market.
  2. Understand leverage and derivative products.
  3. Have a trading plan
  4. Have a risk/reward ratio set in place.
  5. Mitigate your risks with limits and stops
  6. Keep your emotions in check constantly.
  7. Watch current events and news
  8. Always commence with demo accounts to feel how it is without having to use real money.


When it comes to using trading strategies, you should not solely rely on one. Always be willing to use new approaches because they all have the benefits at some point. The current market is dynamic, which is one reason why using one strategy doesn’t cut it anymore. Be well prepared, and you will be able to navigate market changes successfully.